Finger Loop Braiding

This one time in middle school this girl was braiding with her fingers and I thought it was the COOLEST THING EVER. I asked her to show me and she said no. She said she didn’t know how! Lies! So rude!

The other day I found a tutorial online and am sharing with all of you because I refuse to be a mean girl.  So there.  The world is now right.  Photo from


Yesterday I doodled a tortoise.Turtle I doodled

It reminded me of Alfie from Roald Dahl’s Esio Trot.Alfie from Esio Trot

Growing up my grandparents had two tortoises named Arnold and Myrtle. (“Tortoises” looks like such a strange word.)  My grandma nicknamed Myrtle “Fertile Myrtle” because she was constantly laying eggs in the tomato patch.  Ironically, one day the gardener left the gate open and they ran away.

Happy Friday!

UPDATE: My sister was quick correct me (in that lovely way sisters do) that it was the meter man, not the gardener, who let the tortoises escape.  I don’t know what a meter man is… but I don’t like ‘im! 

Have you heard this cover of Carly Rae’s Call Me Maybe?  I first heard it from Ellie my English friend… so you know it’s big in Europe.  Oh man… you’re just soooo cutting edge.

"When it comes to dressing, comfort is overrated. A little discomfort probably means your clothes fit and they're not pajamas." Tim Gunn

Photo by John Nyberg

Wise wisdom from Tim Gunn via @TimGunn on Twitter.

Later this week: a very yummy recipe for Labrador Cookies

I called my sister last week and asked her to send me my watercolor paints because I found this:

Geninne's beautiful watercolor…and this!

Botanicals by GeninneBeautiful, right?  I saw Geninne’s watercolors and instantly became inspired. You can find more of Geninne’s beautiful art on her blog. Maybe when you see more of her stuff you’ll become inspired too.

All the photos are rightfully hers.